E-nnovate with Google

E-nnovate Israel Study

E-nnovate Israel is an initiative which provides the government with a systematic model for the implementation of information and communication technologies, particularly Internet, throughout their activities.

This large-scale project examines how ICT can increase innovation levels and improve Israel's socio-economic situation. This project is based upon a study that was conducted independently by Trigger-Foresight, Member of Deloitte Brightman Almagor Zohar and was sponsored by Google Israel.

The research includes analysis of global & local data and over 100 interviews with leading figures in the public, business, non-profit and academic sectors, with education, health, productivity and small businesses being examined in particular. The research clearly shows the importance of ICT and that is vital for economic growth. Integration of Internet tools and technologies into all the prospective work plans of the government's various ministries is needed. The best and most effective way to do so is by creating a national plan for implementation.

Based on the aforementioned research, there is an overarching concept that can be used as a basis for a national plan. The concept relies on using existing elements that are already being used within the system. Numerous initiatives in major areas have already been developed and implemented under this concept's umbrella.

All research is available on this website. In this research you can learn from the various global indexes, absorb the key findings from various international case studies and thoroughly understand Israel's needs.