E-nnovate with Google


Digital Boom is an independent study prepared by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global management consulting firm, and commissioned by Google. The report examines the Israeli consumer's consumption of traditional and online media, along with the value they place on it.  
The Internet and the digital revolution is gathering momentum in Israel and abroad and has a great impact on consumers, businesses and organizations alike. This revolution is not bypassing Israel - Israelis are consuming more online content from a growing number of devices.
In order to better understand the implications of this trend, and its economic ramifications for consumers and the media industry, the study assesses the value Israelis place on consuming media over and above what they pay for it (Consumer Surplus). BCG has conducted similar studies in Europe, the USA and Australia. Digital Boom presents comparative data between Israel and other countries, and identifies the commonalities and differences.
To determine the Consumer Surplus, BCG conducted an extensive survey amongst a representative sample of the Israeli population that is connected to the Internet. Respondents were also asked about their attitudes toward the Internet and their expectations for the future. Alongside the survey, BCG conducted a series of interviews and analyses which identify the implications of the Israeli consumer's enthusiasm for online media.
The high value that the Israeli consumer places on online content creates opportunities for both new and traditional players. Media companies have to adjust to the changing environment and integrate capabilities and new business models. The report presents examples of a number of new players who do it successfully; however, "winning" models have yet to emerge.
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